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With our 4 synthetics models and our goose feathers model, don't be worried about the cold!

A new model just appeared in the Carinthia range : the TSS 3 in 1. A +5°C and a -8°C sleeping bags, merge them together and you obtain a -15°C sleeping bag.

Don't know which one to get ? Take a look at our comparative sheet.

For each use, we impose a coton sheet inside the sleeping bag, for obvious hygiene purposes. After every rental, each sleeping bag will be disinfected.


Available from July

The XP TOP model is a light and large sleeping bag conceived for a summer night. Thanks to its Shellproof exterior fabric, it is waterproof but also windproof. This model is integrated to the 3 in 1 system and can be used as an over-sleeping bag combined with any other CARINTHIA sleeping bag.

Lining : 100 % polyester

Confort temperature : + 5.8°C

Limit temperature : + 0.9°C

Extreme temperature : - 14°C

Weight : 1000 grammes

Unfolded : 230 x 86 x 60

Folded : 18 x 26

Interlinked : no

PRICES depending the number of nights : 



The G180 sleeping bag is, with the G-LOFT® of 180 g/m² insulating material and a comfort temperature of -2.5°C, the best warmth/weight ratio for an alpine model. The blue color also allows it to be easily spotted in the mountain if needed.

Lining : 100 % polyester

Confort temperature : + 2.9°C

Limit temperature : - 2.5°C

Extreme temperature : - 18.7°C

Weight : 910 grammes

Unfolded : 215 x 74 x 48

Folded : 18 x 23

Interlinked : yes

PRICES depending the number of nights : 


PLUME -7.5°C


A sleeping bag with an excellent warmth/weight ratio. Thanks to its ultra-light materials and a high quality goose down 95/5, it only weight 680 gr., which makes it the favorite of all the alpinists, hikers and desert travelers for whom every gram count.

Lining : Goose feathers from European snows

Confort temperature : - 1.4°C

Limit temperature : - 7.5°C

Extreme temperature : - 27.7°C

Weight : 670 grammes

Unfolded : 215 x 75 x 48

Folded : 17 x 21

Interlinked : yes

PRICES depending the number of nights : 



Available from July


A brand new product line from CARINTHIA. The TSS sleeping bag is composed by and interior and exterior bags. Its purposes are as wide as its characteristics. Both bags are highly breathable, ensuring you an ideal transpiration evacuation, but can also be used separately. The TSS is a truly high quality sleeping bag, perfect for the winter or three-season. Both combined bags allow a limit temperature of -15 °C. The TSS answer all your adventurous requirement, even in extreme conditions.

Lining : 100 % polyester

Confort temperature : - 8°C

Limit temperature : - 15°C

Extreme temperature : - 36°C

Weight : 1820 grammes

Unfolded : 215 x 80 x 52

Folded :

Interlinked : yes

PRICES depending the number of nights : 



The G350 sleeping bag is conceived for extremely low temperatures. Due to its resistance and its Shellproof Ultra waterproof fabric, the G350 is the ideal sleeping bag to trek along the cold and humid Scottish winter, or event for longer expeditions in the north-european regions. 

Lining: 100 % polyester

Confort temperature : - 7°C

Limit temperature : - 14.1°C

Extrême temperature : - 34.8°C

Weight : 1800 grammes

Unfolded : 215 x 85 x 50

Folded : 24 x 28

Interlinked : yes

PRICES depending the number of nights : 



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