Water Filter​

Microfilter TrailShot

Filtre (2)BIS

Most intelligent way to filter your water without slowing you down.

This pocket sized filter will fulfill your water needs all day long - ideal for trails and quick hikes, as well perfectly adapted for hikers, bike lovers and other nature sport enthusiasts. 

The 142 grams micro-filter can fit in a pocket.

You can drink directly from water sources found along your trail, and fill up several containers. With a quick set up, you simply need to apply pressure on the filter to fill up your 1 liter water bottle in 60 seconds.

This filter has been regulated under the NSF P231 norms concerning the destruction of protozoa, bacterias and particles.

He can filter up to 2 000 liters.

PRICES depending the number of nights : 


You can also rent :

- tents

- sleeping bags

- matress

- stoves

- mountain backpack


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