msr stoves and fuels

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The fuel is not included in the rental, it's only to buy, there are here.

Le plus petit et léger des réchauds

Stove working on cartridge, ultra light and compact for a quick boiling.

Can boil 1 liter of water in less than 4 minutes. 

PRICES depending the number of nights : 

Fuel not included.


Kit Mini Pocket Rocket 2

Location de réchaud MSR
Location de réchaud MSR

Extrêmement compact, une solution complète pour préparer le repas et se mettre à table dans la foulée pour une personne, avec le plus petit et le plus léger de nos réchauds.

Ultra compact, this stove is ideal to prepare a meal and get ready to eat at the same time. Conceived for one person, this is the smallest and lightest of our burners. 

PRICES depending the number of nights :

Fuel not included.



Fuel Cartridges

Location de réchaud MSR

Conceived to be compatible with all the MSR liquid fuel burners. 

2 sizes available. To give you an idea : the 590ml cartridge will burn for approximately 30 minutes (depending on the wind, if you want to boil or just reheat...)

PRICE : 19 € for 325ml and 21 € for 590ml

The gaz tanks are for sale and not for rent.

IsoPro Cartridge

Location de réchaud MSR

A special MSR premium quality mix which burns properly and ensure you the best performances.

A 80/20 gaz mix of isobutane and propane that don't fear cold temperatures an a steady flow on the cartridge life length. 

A gauge will indicate you the remaining fuel quantity.

PRICE : 7 € for 226ml and 11 € for 450ml

The gaz tanks are for sale and not for rent.​

You can also book:

- tents

- sleeping bags

- matress

- mountain backpack


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